ICT fully adopts the Cloud initiatives offered by most of the Technology players.

Our consultants help our customers to:

  • Understand the value and considerations of moving to the cloud
  • Develop a migration plan to the cloud, based on solid business analysis
  • Choose what Cloud scenario to adopt, define pre-requisites and set priorities
  • Integrate Cloud solutions with existing infrastructure
  • Monitor the utilization and activity on the Cloud
  • Secure the Cloud (Private and Public)

Cloud Services Catalog



As part of the digital transformation, ICT helps customers expand their business reach and enhance productivity by enabling their employees and customers to become more mobile.

Our consultants help our customers to:

  • Understand the value and considerations of the mobile experience
  • Develop a migration plan to adopt mobility, based on solid business analysis
  • Choose what Mobility channel to deploy, define pre-requisites and set priorities
  • Integrate Mobility solutions with existing infrastructure
  • Secure the mobility channels and devices

Big Data & Analytics

In order for businesses to stay at their competitive edge, and be more productive, it has become imperative for them to build business analytics as part of the daily business culture.

Our consultants help our customers to:

  • Understand the value and considerations of deploying business analytics
  • Learn about other customers’ experience
  • Integrate machine learning intelligence with business analytics
  • Make smarter business decisions based on analyzed data sources (structured and unstructured)

IoT (Internet of Things)

As technology becomes more and more an essential component in any business, and in order to unleash the benefit of connected world, IoT offers customers an intelligent, real-time, accurate reading of business operation, to help make smarter decisions and increase effectiveness.

Most of the industries benefit from deploying IoT, such as : Real Estate, Government, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Agriculture, Education, Transportation, Manufacturing, Retail, ..etc

Our consultants help our customers to:

  • Understand the value and considerations of deploying IoT
  • Develop a viable business case, and a roadmap for the future
  • Experience a Pilot implementation based on a business scenario
  • Enhance business visibility and productivity
  • Integrate and secure the Solution with existing infrastructure

Governance & Compliance

ICT offers a wide set of licensing and compliance solutions to help customers protect their technology investments, by being fully compliant and legal. There are different licensing programs that fit every kind of business.


Business Productivity Solutions

Business productivity is a key element in any successful business. With the increased economic and competitive pressure, organizations are looking for optimizing their business investments and enhance efficiency in human involvement, processes, products, tools, marketing, …etc.

Our consultants help our customers to:

  • Choose the best platform for highest productivity
  • Automate processes to optimize human involvement
  • Secure business transactions (tracking and control)
  • Collaborate with peers, customers, staff effectively and digitally
  • Utilize a unified communication medium
  • Create a digital presence, to market business activities effectively with social interaction


As technology evolves, challenges evolve. A major consideration that requires microscopic attention in a digital world, is the Cybersecurity. Organizations cannot afford to become modern and more productive while compromising their security.

ICT offers two kinds of Cybersecurity disciplines:

A - Operation Technology Cybersecurity

This is to protect industrial environments operations from Cybersecurity threats as they become more technology aware. ICT in collaboration with GE Digital offers end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for industrial operation such as DCS, ICS, SCADA, BMS, Smart Cities, Utilities, Transport, Banking, Education and Healthcare.

B- Information Technology Cybersecurity

This is to protect computer networks and systems from Cyber threats. ICT offers a complete suite of solutions for virtually any kind of business environment. Managed and/or Local Security Operation Center – SOC are offered by ICT, while partnering with the leading players in this space.


Systems Integration

ICT offers cutting-edge converged networking solutions to its customers with more than 20 years of experience. Those solutions are aimed at enabling businesses with reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure that helps them stay at the competitive edge of their business.

Our consultants help our customers to:

  1. Networking (Wireless and Wired, LAN/WAN/MAN)
  2. Storage Solutions, Servers, …
  3. Converged, hyper-converged, and Ultra-converged systems
  4. Unified Communications (Messaging, Telephony, Video, Collaboration)
  5. Cloud infrastructure (Private and Public)
  6. Personal Systems (Computers, Printing, Imaging, Peripherals)
  7. Software Defined Data Centers (Servers, Storage, Networks, Desktops)
  8. Business Continuity solutions (Disaster Recovery, Non-stop systems, BCP…)
  9. DR Automation (Local and Global)
  10. Information Management (Backup and Archiving)
  11. Software Solutions (Database, Productivity, Business Apps, CRM, ERP, CMS)
  12. Cybersecurity (Industrial and IT)
  13. Internet of Things – IoT (All industries)
  14. Outsourcing Services
  15. Managed Services
  16. OPEX-based Offerings
  17. Maintenance and Support
  18. Professional Services and Project Management
  19. Consulting and Auditing Services

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a key digital transformation technology, aimed at helping organizations maintain cost leadership, differentiate themselves in their own industry, and achieve deeper business focus.

Our consultants help our customers to:

  • Understand the value and considerations of deploying different AI technologies through use cases relevant to the customer business
  • Develop a roadmap for considering AI technologies such as Machine Learning, Robotics, and Natural Language Processing into the customer business
  • Design, Implement and maintain the selected AI solutions
  • Integrate the AI solutions with other applications
  • Secure the AI solutions
  • Provide necessary training and knowledge sharing for the effective adoption of the technologies


Blockchain is one of the disruptive digital transformation technologies that helps businesses, consumers or citizens transact between themselves securely, cost effectively and transparently while eliminating third party governance.

Our consultants help our customers to:

  • Realize the benefits, challenges and considerations of adopting the technology
  • Evaluate some use cases and related expectations
  • Acquire the necessary training and knowledge for the effective use and adoption of the technology
  • Develop a roadmap for scaling the technology to cover additional processes
  • Plan, Design, Pilot, Implement and maintain the selected solution

Augmented Reality

As businesses in different sectors are striving to boost their competitive position, enhance their customer experience, and optimize their productivity, Augmented Reality offers a modern and creative way of achieving those objectives. The extended use of mobile devices is allowing people to interact with objects, information and locations more effectively.

AR could be used in different industries such as: Banking, Manufacturing, Retail,Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, sports, marketing, ...etc.

Our consultants help our customers to:

  • Evaluate the business impact and considerations of deploying AR
  • Learn about other customers’ experience through use-cases
  • Choose and adopt the best scenario for Designing and implementing their AR solution

Advisory Services

In order to be able to embrace the digital business transformation, organizations are required to develop or refine their digital business strategy to evaluate and consider the necessary steps to capture the opportunities and mitigate the threats.

Our consultants help our customers to:

  • Assess the current digital readiness index (people, governance, technologies, processes, leadership, …)
  • Identify the set of opportunities and risks ahead quantitatively
  • Define a set of priorities, and ways of addressing them
  • Develop a transformation roadmap based on an agreed and defined set of objectives
  • Implement the roadmap, using a phased approach
  • Develop a process to evaluate achieved results for a continuous development

Professional Services

Leveraging on our local team of highly qualified personnel in the areas of Cyber-security,Computing and Storage, Information Management, Virtualization and cloud Infrastructure, Software solutions, Unified communication, networking, ..etc

We offer our customers high-quality services in the areas of:

  • Implementation of infrastructure solutions
  • Data center maintenance and support services (cross-vendor, cross-platforms)
  • Projects Management
  • Outsourcing of skilled personnel
  • Cloud migration services
  • Datacenter re-location services

Managed Services

To allow our customers reduce their upfront capital expenditures and operation resources, and focus on their core business processes, we offer our customers managed services in the areas of:

  • End-user computing (Desktop As a Service, Printing As a Service)
  • Scalable capacity solutions (pay as you use) for most of the IT systems
  • End-user support (Service desk and onsite user support)
  • Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Managed Storage services (Storage as a Service)